Vote for Cynthia Cooper for Second Vice President!

Cynthia Colton Answers Your Questions Below:

1- Why do you want to be elected to the position you are seeking?

I have been a member of the Fairfax County Branch of the NAACP for many years and I've been an active participant in the general membership meetings. Unfortunately, I have not seen any growth in the past several years. The Second Vice President plays an important role in supporting the President and the members. I look forward to helping to make a change in seeing that the organization is functional. I want to be able to assist with the implementation of the NAACP's goals and objectives.  We will meet with civic leaders and communicate our vision. We want to work together for the good of the community.

2- How would you improve the Branch?

There are so many key positions in the Branch that have not been filled for several years. I will work with the President to make sure that committees are functional and held accountable. Active engagement with the Executive Committee is a must and they must all be the voice for the Branch President and the NAACP, when required.  In the past, the role of Second Vice President has been nonexistent. I will to change that.  It is a position of responsibility and authority and I'll keep an ear to the ground for the Branch. It will allow me to bring back ideas to the Branch from our members and the community.

3- Why do you believe you are qualified for the position you are seeking?

My extensive background in management and leadership, while working in the private sector and government, taught me what it takes to make an organization grow and thrive. I know the importance of effective communication. With a background in information technology, I can assist in using technology to promote the organization. There have been skills missing from the Branch that I can bring to them for the benefit of the organization. The organization will be represented by me in a professional manner, knowing that it is about the organization and not the individual.

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