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Ralph Cooper Answers Your Questions!

1-  Why do you want to be elected to the position you are seeking?
Answer: I would like to be elected to 1st Vice President because I have the skill sets and moral convictions to assist and organize the Branch. I can help align and implement National and Virginia State Conference objectives to improve civil rights awareness within Fairfax County.

2-  How would you improve the Branch?
Answer: There are three things that I would do initially.First, I would work on establishing a positive Branch climate. A more understanding climate will encourage Branch members to take the initiative to solve problems, collaborate with leadership and others, and coordinate/plan activities within the Branch.  Second, I would make sure that the leadership does not waste time on things that don't need to be fixed. Finally, I would help to increase the membership and increase member participation in Branch meetings and events.

3- Why do you believe you are qualified for the position you are seeking? 
Answer: I believe that I have the leadership experience, organizational knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as 1st Vice President. I have been an NAACP member over 15 years and have served on numerous Branch committees, such as but not limited to: education (coordinated Branch superintendent and school board community forum), legal redress, and political action (spearheaded At-Large school board candidate forum). Committee membership has allowed me insight on Branch and State civil rights policies. I have also served as a delegate at the National convention and I have supported resolutions that were a value added to the Association.

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