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Vote for Shirley Ginwright for President, NAACP Fairfax County Branch

See below for a Q&A with Ms. Shirley Ginwright

You can contact me at

The NAACP, Fairfax County Branch election is Nov. 13, 2012 from 5:30 pm-8 pm
You can cast your ballot at First Baptist Church of Vienna, 450 Orchard St. NW, Vienna, VA. 
Please come out and "Vote for a New Beginning." We can't do it without you!


Q: Why do you want to be elected to the position you are seeking?

A: The NAACP is one the oldest and most widely recognized civil rights organization in the nation.  I want the Fairfax County Branch to be able to reach across the county and rebuild our Branch’s reputation and increase membership. There is so much that we should, could and need to do for the community.  Currently, we don't have the human or financial resources.  I want our Branch to get the exposure that will help us accomplish the goals and objectives of the NAACP at the national, state and local levels.  Donations will come when individuals, churches, foundations and companies see accomplishments. We MUST be a loud and positive voice in our community. 

I want to work with the executive committee. We need to be seen, and known, as one united front and not as a disjointed Branch. I want to improve communication so that our members, and the community at large, will know what we are doing. They need to know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and why their involvement and support is so important. We have lost long time members who were actively involved in the organization. We need to bring them back and we need to revitalize our Youth Council.  Young people are our future and we need to train them so that they can move into leadership roles within the Branch.  If elected President, you can count on me to lead the way on the issues I’ve listed above.

Q.: How would you improve the branch?

A: Our members are spread across Fairfax county. I would support having a central location for the meetings so that more members can participate. The entire executive committee would be informed of the expectations that I, National, and the community have of them. I would poll the membership to see if it is more prudent to move our meetings to a Saturday instead of the work week. We could possibly increase membership by making such a change. We have to be more mindful of our members and their schedules.

I would establish a team to develop a strategic plan outlining our goals and objectives, and create benchmarks to make sure we are meeting our designated goals. Consistent operating procedures must be developed for each committee and each committee chair must be responsible for meeting them. We must ensure that each committee is functioning for the community and not individual gain.
Ultimately, we must all work together to make the Branch successful and to restore its standing in the community. We must also
partner and collaborate with other like minded organizations.

We must not forget fundraising because we must have a budget to support any activities that are planned and approved for implementation.  I would use social media to get out Branch information. We must also be sure that our newsletter is available to all in a print and electronic version. Last of all, we must use the local media to help promote our Branch. 

Q: Why do you believe you are qualified for the position you are seeking?

A: The principles of the NAACP have been a part of my life since I was very young. My 30+ years of experience in the leadership
and management of an organization allow me to know how to best handle the day-to-day events that occur within an organization.
As previously mentioned, I have many ideas to move the Branch forward. If you vote for me I will work hard for you and for the
National NAACP.

“I am Shirley Ginwright and I approve this message.”

Shirley Ginwright for President, NAACP, Fairfax County Branch 


We have had too many years of:

Branch inactivity       Lost memberships      Empty Branch positions           No community communication




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